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Top 5 Reasons You Need A Video Spokesperson

by Cathy Hernandez on February 20, 2017

You may think that adding video to your site is just the latest trend or marketing fad of the month but the reality is that videos can be a serious money maker. Studies show that adding an intro video to your site can boost your conversion rate by up to 80% and is more likely to increase the sale of your product upwards 75%. And google loves that!

Imagine having a charismatic sales person greeting your potential clients 24/7. They will never ask for a day off, won’t take a lunch break and aside from the cost of producing the video there are no other hidden fees. Talk about a great return on your investment.

Like any other marketing tool there are many service providers that claim to deliver high quality videos but this is where you need to do your homework. When choosing a video talker make sure the look and personality appeals to your audience. Look at the portfolio of work and check for quality of the image and sound. And remember adding music or having long scripts can increase the production cost so check your budget before you get started.

  1. Maximum cost benefit as your video spokesperson is the only employee working 24/7
  2. Video evokes emotional connection. It can be upbeat, touching and is much more effective than just text
  3. A website with video is 53x times more likely to rank higher on Google searches
  4. Video increases a users length of stay on your website which benefits your search ranking
  5. Videos will help increase your overall conversion rate from a lead to a sale
Cathy HernandezTop 5 Reasons You Need A Video Spokesperson